Why Us

Whilst underfloor heating, solar panels and heat pumps have become much more popular in recent years, we’ve actually been installing renewable energy heating systems since 1999.

We worked on traditional gas boilers and general heating and plumbing for a long time before that too. In fact, we’ve been around for 14 years in total and have developed an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and friendly advice.

Today, we still work to those high service levels. For your peace of mind and confidence, here is our 10-point commitment to you:

  1. We are registered plumbing and heating installers, which means we’re highly trained and work to the standards set by manufacturers. It also means we know all of the technical specifications of the heating products in depth.

  2. In fact, we are ‘key’ registered installers which means we’re in the top 20 of all Nu Heat installers in the country. We’ve achieved that accolade for our commitment to CPD Training and exceptional standards of service and workmanship.

  3. We make the effort to know our industry inside out. From the technology and materials to the products and maintenance, we can advise you on the options, efficiency, cost and durability of just about every solar panel, heat pump, underfloor heating or boiler.

  4. We do a lot of handholding in our job and we’re proud of it. We don’t expect you to understand the technical specifications of heat pumps and solar panels - that’s our job. We won’t patronize or confuse you though. We’ll explain everything in everyday language, show you how it all works and be available to answer any questions.

  5. We work closely with architects and developers and understand their needs and requirements. Our experience and knowledge enables us to respond fast and maintain a smooth working process from planning and costing to installation.

  6. We only use high quality materials that we know will last for many years and we never cut corners.

  7. We don’t just install a heating system and disappear. If you ever have a question or concern, just pick up the phone and we’ll happily give you free advice even after the job has finished.

  8. If you need a site survey carried out for renewable heating, we’ll do that for you at no extra cost. That service comes as standard.

  9. We will do all we can to offer flexible, staged payments to help you manage your costs on large projects.

  10. Above all, our standard of workmanship is excellent. We are perfectionists and will always go well beyond what is expected. We’ll never let you down.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we work.